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Construction Management

What is construction management? The construction management team's main responsibility is to ensure that all facets of pre-construction, construction, and close-out phases of the project are handled efficiently and to your satisfactory level. The construction manager sometimes acts as the 'temporary construction department'. He is responsible for working in conjuncture with the architects and engineers in order to create a cost effective and efficient project, while making your vision a reality. The construction manager uses his expertise of design, products, methods, and systems best used on site to achieve your overall satisfaction.

There are four important services the construction manager is responsible for: Design Control, Cost Control, Quality Control, and Time Control.

Design Control - Working with your architect/engineer in development, design, and coordination of drawings to reduce the exposure for costly changes during construction.

Cost Control - Emphasis on value engineering to provide maximum building value.

Quality Control - Proper supervision and coordination of testing to assure quality throughout the project.

Time Control - Reducing overall project time by utilizing a "fast track" construction method.
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