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Design/Build Services

The design/build approach is a turnkey method in which you hire one contractor to lead the entire design and construction process. The builder hires the most appropriate architect for your project, then works hand-in-hand with you and the architect to ensure the project meets your design and budgetary goals. There are many benefits associated with the use of the design/build approach to project delivery. Listed below are some significant reasons to choose the design/build approach.

Single-Source Responsibility - The builder here assumes the role of lead consultant. The responsibility for both design and construction is carried solely by the designer/builder. It is also the responsibility of the builder to establish and conform to defined budgets.

Quality Control - Along with single-source responsibility comes the desire and motivation for quality and proper project performance. You have a standard of expectations that the designer/builder is responsible for not only producing, but also documenting. 

Cost Savings - Value engineering and constructability are achieved more effectively and efficiently when the designers and contractors work as one team during the entire process.  

Time Savings - Design/build is the perfect solution for the application of 'fast track' construction techniques. With design/build, materials and equipment preparation can begin before the construction documents are executable. Because design and construction are often overlapped, re-bidding and re-design is eliminated. Total design and construction time can be greatly reduced.

Reduction in Administrative Burdens - You are able to invest less time and money coordinating, arbitrating, and conducting separate design and construction contracts, documents, and meetings. Instead, you are able to invest time focusing on important decision-making items.

Early Knowledge of Project Costs - Costs can be estimated and maximum costs can be defined much earlier in the design/build process than in other construction options. The entity responsible for the design of the project is also simultaneously estimating construction costs, which helps the designer/builder acquire an accurate basis for the completed project.

Improved Risk Management - Aspects of costing, schedules, and quality are defined by and are the responsibility of the designer/builder. Change orders, which can result from architect and general contractor conflicts, are substantially reduced because the designer/builder has responsibility for developing drawings and specifications, and in the end, a fully functioning facility.
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