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TDB Gives Back

TDB Builders recently has made several trips to Haiti in coordination with the Headwaters Relief Organization. These trips have been focused on rebuilding after the devastation of the 2010 earthquake.

New Orleans
TDB Builders also made multiple trips to New Orleans, LA for the River of Hope Project. The first was in September 2007 and was dedicated to help rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. The primary focus of the trip was for the rebuilding of the Mental Health Resource Center, a daycare center, a domestic abuse center, and a home for elderly services. 


TDB Builders has since made several return trips, volunteering their time and skills to continue rebuilding from the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina. This trip involved more rebuilding of several started projects. TDB Builders is dedicated to giving back and is proud to be a part of the River of Hope Project.

Another volunteer project TDB Builders was involved with was to Winona, MN in September 2008. TDB Builders traveled with the Headwaters Relief Organization to help victims after a devastating flood season. 


Below are excerpts from two letters from the CEO of Headwaters Relief Organization, regarding our experience in New Orleans, LA and Winona, MN.

"Headwaters Disaster Relief Organization would like to express our appreciation for TDB Builders' participation in local and national disaster relief work over the past year.

"Your commitment to volunteerism has included several volunteer trips to New Orleans' Ninth Ward to re-build homes for the elderly and disadvantaged following Hurricane Katrina. More recently you supplied volunteers for construction work for flood victims in Winona, Minnesota. Your participation in these relief efforts has had a significant impact on people's lives.

"Your staff and subcontractors have been extremely professional and committed and notable efficient with their time, and very kind and respectful to the people we serve. This commitment to getting projects done rather than simply putting in the time has allowed all of us to take pride in these accomplishments.

"For us, your willingness to serve the community with enthusiasm and competence is deeply appreciated. We look forward to working with you in the future, and will recommend TDB Builders to any organizations that are seeking to work with a conscientious builder of the highest quality."